Monday, June 18, 2007


Dear Booklover,

Warm Greetings from Katha!

And an offer you cannot resist! Katha, the leading edge publishing house invites you to bring the joy of reading to yourself and your family by joining our exclusive Katha Book Club.

As you are probably aware, Katha is a nonprofit organisation working in the areas of education, publishing and community development since 1988. [Please see our site for more details about our work with 6000 children through 37 community and pavement schools.]

We know quality books best for we have been at it for more than 19 years. And we work with them hands on and so know what children like best as well as adults.

It is my unique pleasure to present to you Katha, the award winning publishing house based in Delhi. We focus on quality English translations from the major Indian languages. Katha is recognised internationally for its leading edge translations and its sterling work in being a bridge of cultural exchange between the various linguistically distinct regions of India.

We also have a selection of innovative and lavishly illustrated original children's literature lovingly put together from practically every corner of the country. These books will help your child explore the richness of India, our culture, history, environment and wonders of nature and launch her or him into a voyage of self-discovery. The stories are original and fun. They will help make her/him into a creative adult: what the globalized world is looking for!

We know you have a very busy schedule, so we have kept the terms of how to become a member of the Katha Book Club and bring the world of creativity to your doorstep very simple.

The initial 5-year membership fee is Rs.500. This allows you to:
  • 1. Explore our full selection of books for children and adults and buy.

  • 2. Get Rs 10 credit points for every Rs.100 of reading pleasure you buy. These credit points can be redeemed on your next purchase or kept for future purchases.

  • 3. Receive email newsletter of Katha’s latest releases, events etc.

  • 4. Receive free invitations to all our book launches and other events.

  • 5.Receive coupon to buy the Katha book of the month offering direct from Katha at a fabulous 30% discount.

And ……for every member you enrol for us, you get credit points of Rs.100 as soon as we receive the subscription from them.

Attached is the membership form, which you can fill up and return to us by mail or personal deposit. All payments are to be made by cash or cheque/DD in favour of KATHA.

We look forward to welcoming you soon into the Katha Book Club!

The Katha Team
A-3 Sarvodaya Enclave, Sri Aurobindo Marg,New Delhi 110017 Tel:41829993, Mobile:9873875787 Fax:26514373; Email: Website:


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